Binance will launch Hive at 13:00 today

Binance will launch Hive (HIVE) at 13:00 on April 27, 2020, and open the trading markets for HIVE / BNB, HIVE / BTC, and HIVE / USDT. The listing fee for HIVE is 0 BNB. Previously, at 14:00 on April 24, Huobi Global opened the trading of HIVE / USDT, HIVE / BTC, and HIVE / HT coins. As of now, Hive has temporarily reported 0.9140USDT, which has risen by more than 20% on the day, and Huobi has risen nearly 360% in 3 days. Steem temporarily reported 0.1986USDT, which rose more than 12% during the day. On March 20, the Steem community successfully carried out a hard fork and created a new chain Hive.