EOS node operator EOS Canada ceased service and will focus on API platform dfuse

The original EOS node operator EOS Canada announced that it has terminated its node business and will focus entirely on the dfuse project in the future. The public API and P2P endpoints provided by EOS Canada are offline, and users before the official recommendation can learn about the products and services provided by dfuse. EOS Canada stated that the dfuse platform is now the industry’s most powerful blockchain data stack, providing hundreds of public and private deployments with massively scalable infrastructure. Lianwen previously reported that the blockchain API platform dfuse announced the open source dfuse for EOSIO in the EOSIO architecture source code. Dfuse said that considering that open source can provide dfuse with community power, developers around the world can run dfuse on their laptops. Users only need 2 commands to start dfuse’s blockchain development environment locally, and will APIs including eosq and browser instance test interface GraphiQL are also packaged in this release, aiming to allow users to easily observe and retrieve the full chain of the entire chain.

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